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Mike McCreavy

Silicon Valley Software Engineer
Mountain View, CA


Using bleeding-edge Unix/Linux technologies, I'm looking to design and implement full stack solutions to all your problems.


C/C++ 1987-Present Known to dream in C.
Python 1996-1998, 2010-Present In-house development utilities. Embedded Python Runtime into a larger application to allow end-user scripting. Got back into Python in 2010 after joining Luminate to support their Django-driven website.
Perl 2006-Present Perl is not evil if you agree that writing readable, maintainable Perl is a Good Thing. PerlGolf can be fun, it's just a crime to commit it.
PHP 2000-Present Smarty templates, PEAR, Zend engine C/C++ extensions, session management, LAMP solutions. Comfortable rebuilding mod_php with support for bigmath, gdlib, CURL, SQLite, or custom extensions.
Javascript 1997-Present AJAX, JSON, Closure Libraries, Firebug, HTTPFox, Cross-Browser programming, JQuery, prototype.js.
Java 1997-Present Browser-aware applets, full standalone applications, Google Guava, JSP, JSP templates, J2EE JavaBeans, Weblogic EJBs, AWT, Swing, JDBC, RMI, JNI, javax.comm, Hadoop.
SQL 1993-Present MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Cloudscape, SQLite dialects. Triggers, Data normalization skills, Complex compound queries. Light MySQL administration skills: slow query detection, hot backups, basic replication.
HTML/CSS 1996-Present Can create clean, functional HTML pages with styles abstracted into Stylesheets.
XML/XSLT 1999-2003 Java and C Xerces libraries to both generate and parse (SAX and DOM) XML. Xalan for XSLT transformations, expat library for non-validating C parser.
x86 Assembly 1996-2000 Read only; a familiarity with x86 assembly is useful when tracking down compiler optimization bugs. I may not know the op-codes by heart, but my Michael Abrash reference book is never far away.
68K/PowerPC Assembly 1987-1996 Wrote large programs in 68k assembly. As the industry moves away from low-level languages, an understanding of assembly is still a good thing to have when writing performance critical routines or driver software.


Google, Incorporated
Mountain View, CA

Engineer, 7/2012 - Present

Luminate, Incorporated
Mountain View, CA

Coder, 9/2010 - 7/2012

  • Client-side Javascript and Server-side Python to render dynamically-placed, context-appropriate ads on publishers' sites. Integrate with external ad networks to source advertising content.
  • Projects: Django Site Redesign, Ask Santa, Realtime Ad Serving (using Java, Hadoop, SQLAlchemy, Memcached, etc), and near-realtime Analytics and Reporting (using Amazon S3, Amazon Elastic Map Reduce, etc).

LiveOps, Incorporated
Santa Clara, CA

Principal Engineer, 11/2009 - 9/2010

  • Scrummaster.

Staff Engineer, 4/2008 - 12/2009

  • Projects: Realtime Monitoring.
  • Technologies: JQuery, prototype.js, MySQL (MegaQueries), ActiveMQ, Map Reduce, Hadoop.

Senior Engineer, 2/2006 - 4/2008

  • Projects: Chatzilla, Web 2.0 Website Infrastructure.
  • Technologies: Venkman, AJAX, IRC, Nagios.

Telephia, Incorporated
San Francisco, CA

Senior Principal Wireless Platform Architect, 1/2004 - 2/2006

  • Architected the abstraction of core data processing streams away from a legacy hardware collection platform.
  • Implemented replacement for aforementioned legacy hardware collection platform.
  • Leveraged capabilities of new hardware collection tools to provide robust datasets of greater precision, accuracy, and quality.
  • Integrated new logging and reporting mechanisms into process flow to create easily defensible output.
  • Maintained strictly controlled release dates to avoid impacting revenue cycles.
  • This new process is used to create datasets that generate more than 15 million dollars worth of revenue annually.

Senior Software Developer, 12/2000 - 7/2001

  • Responsible for application's client/server distributed architecture.
  • Distributed tasks to team members best-suited to solve and implement solutions.
  • Mentored junior developers, aided in integrating their work into production.
  • Selected and purchased hardware for prototype systems.
  • Wireless Standards: CDMA, GSM, tdMA, Amps.

Bentley Systems, Incorporated
Exton, PA

Technical Lead, SelectServer, 1/1997 - 4/1999

  • Led a team through all aspects of design, implementation, documentation, certification, and release of SelectServer ? a product binding MicroStation site administrators with Bentley Systems.
  • Completely redesigned MicroStation/J?s licensing technology (node-locked and pooled) to integrate with SelectServer and dynamically report licensing statistics back to Bentley.

Software Developer, ModelServer Publisher Team, 6/1997 - 4/1998

  • Responsible for administrator?s web interface to ModelServer Publisher: an HTML interface integrated directly into Netscape Enterprise Server?s own administration pages.

Technical Lead, MicroStation 95 & SE for PowerMacintosh, 1/1996 - 4/1999

  • Implemented Macintosh-specific GUI layer, building some behaviors from scratch (toolboxes, dockable windows, tooltips, etc) when the MacOS did not provide a native equivalent.
  • Ported and optimized MicroStation?s bytecode compiler and runtime for the PowerPC architecture.
  • Added Macintosh support for RenderWare QuickVision (similar to OpenGL) rendering.
  • Tracked fixes and coordinated support and priority builds for 3 years.

Software Developer, MicroStation V5, 1/1994 - 12/1995

  • Created cross-platform installer technology for the Macintosh, Windows, and Unix variants of MicroStation V5.
  • Quickly intimated myself with 12,000,000 lines of professional code while fixing a multitude of bugs discovered during the product?s certification phase.


Albright College
Reading, PA
B.S. Computer Science, December 1993, GPA: 3.5
Highlights: Automata Theory, Algorithms, Senior Independent Study in Image Processing.


  • Governor, Toastmasters District 4, Division G, 2012-2013
  • Governor, Toastmasters District 4, Area G4, 2011-2012
  • Vice-President Public Relations, Macintalkers Toastmasters, 2010-2011
  • Certification: Situational Leadership II, 2010
  • Certification: Cloudera Certified Hadoop Developer, 2010
  • Award: LiveOps Nobel Award, 2008
  • Award: Bentley Service Provider Award, 1996
  • Award: Bentley Pinch Hitter, 1995
  • Fun: Getting checks from Donald Knuth for finding bugs in TAOCP.
  • Fun: Avid participant in Peer To Peer (P2P) distributed network tool development.